Welcome to SPARCnet: Educational Resources 


SPARCnet (Salamander Population and Adaptation Research Collaboration Network) is a regional collaborative network designed to meet scientific and educational objectives associated with understanding the effects of climate change and land use on salamander populations.

This project is a shared effort between scientists, educators, and resource managers. One of the main goals of SPARCnet is to provide a venue for integrating field work and scientific research questions into educational materials ready for the classroom. We have partnered with QUBES to publish teaching resources that use SPARCnet sites to collect field data with students or provide Course-based Undergraduate Research Experiences (CUREs), as well as quantitative teaching modules based on salamander data that can be used with or without access to a field site. 

These resources are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, which means that you are free to use and adapt these materials in your classroom. As these resources are continuing to be further developed and expanded, we hope you will contact us and provide feedback on their implementation. We also work with QUBES to publish and further share new versions and adaptations of teaching resources related to terrestrial salamanders. Please contact Kristine Grayson (kgrayson@richmond.edu) if you are interested in publishing a new or updated teaching resource.