Selecting a Citizen Science Project

There are several useful catalogs of citizen science projects including:

  • SciStarter  has an online database of over 3,000 projects and events searchable by location, scientific topic, and age level
  • Zooniverse has over 50 active online citizen science projects featured

The Citizen Science Association also produced this video for How to Select a Citizen Science Project for Use with Undergraduates.

Finally, here are various citizen science projects that have been used in higher education classrooms based on our recent survey of the literature:

Project Discipline Reference
Backyard Bark Beetles Ecology Vitone et al. 2016
CamClickr Ecology Voss and Cooper 2010
Caterpillars Count! Ecology Hurlbert et al. 2019
Cell Slider Biology Kridelbaugh 2016
ClimateWatch Ecology Mitchell et al. 2017
Cyclone Center Earth Sciences Phillips et al. 2018
EarthTrek's Gravestone Project Earth Sciences Guertin 2013
eBird Ecology Surasinghe and Courter 2012
Flip the Clinic Health Kridelbaugh 2016
Galaxy Zoo Astronomy Barmby et al. 2010
Great Sunflower Project Ecology Oberhauser and Lebuhn 2012
Maker Nurse Health Kridelbaugh 2016
Monarch Larva Monitoring Project Ecology Oberhauser and Lebuhn 2012
NatureAtlas Ecology Hardy and Hardy 2018
North American Amphibian Monitoring Program Ecology Cosentino et al. 2014
Notes from Nature Ecology Kridelbaugh 2016
NOVA RNA VirtuaLab Biology Kridelbaugh 2016
Phylo Biology Kridelbaugh 2016
Planet Hunters Astronomy Barmby et al. 2010
Play to Cure: Genes in Space Biology Kridelbaugh 2016
Project Roadkill Ecology Heigl and Zaller 2014
School of Ants Ecology Vitone et al. 2016
Small World Initiative Microbiology Davis et al. 2017
Solar Stormwatch Astronomy Barmby et al. 2010
Where is Delftia? Microbiology Riley et al. 2020
World Water Monitoring Challenge Earth Sciences Guertin 2013