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The Ecological Society of America has partnered with QUBES to promote the use and awareness of ecology-related educational materials.

Get involved with ESA:

  1. View the ESA resources that are available on QUBES Hub
  2. Check out the ESA education website
  3. Join the group to receive updates about ESA education projects
  4. See how the ESA Faculty Mentoring Networks have worked to implement TIEE modules in the classroom.

‚ÄčMore ways to get involved

ESA has a peer-reviewed, web based collection of educational materials  

ESA's EcoEd Digital Library (EcoEdDL) is a forum for scientists and educators to locate and contribute peer reviewed resources for 21st century undergraduate ecology education. EcoEdDL strives to foster a community of ecology education users and contributors.

DIG Into Data for the Biology Classroom and Data Discovery Faculty Mentoring Networks

The Quantitative Undergraduate Biology Education Synthesis (QUBES) Project and the Ecological Society of America (ESA) are currently in their second round of Faculty Mentoring Networks (FMNs). These online communities are professional development opportunities where participants work collaboratively to discover new teaching materials, pedagogical techniques, and quantitative content.  
All faculty are welcome. We actively seek participation from faculty teaching at all undergraduate levels at diverse institution types and serving diverse student populations, including non-science majors.

Check out this ESA blog about the 2016 ESA Education Scholars

See past participant products here

ESA Data Discovery

The Spring 2017 ESA Data Discovery FMN participants are interested in adapting existing Teaching Issues in Ecology and Evolution (TIEE) modules for use in their Spring 2017 courses. Faculty participants are implementing two selected modules with a focus on providing students with the quantitative skillset needed to ‘scale up’ to large ecological datasets. Please visit for more information. 

Questions? Contact Gaby Hamerlinck at

DIG into Data for the Biology Classroom

The new DIG into Data for the Biology Classroom FMN participants have experience in bringing data-driven activities into the introductory biology or ecology classroom and are interested in further refining their own teaching modules or developing new ones. Our data partners include DryadLab and the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). As a group, participants in this network are working towards developing polished teaching resources suitable for submission as a teaching data set to a special issue of TIEE. Please visit the Data Incubator Group QUBES website for more details. 

Questions?  Contact Kaitlin Bonner at or Kristine Grayson at


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Contact any of the liaisons below with questions:

teresa mourad

Teresa Mourad

Ecological Society of America

ESA Liaison

sam donovan

Sam Donovan

University of Pittsburgh

QUBES liaison



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