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A Fun Introductory Command Line Exercise: Next Generation Sequencing Quality Analysis with Emoji!

Author(s): Rachael St. Jacques1, Max Maza1, Sabrina Robertson2, Guoqing Lu3, Andrew Lonsdale4, Ray A Enke5

1. Department of Biology, James Madison University 2. Department of Psychology & Neuroscience, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill 3. Department of Biology and School of Interdisciplinary Informatics, University of Nebraska Omaha 4. ARC Centre of Excellence in Plant Cell Walls, Melbourne University 5. James Madison University

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    Sam S Donovan @ on

    Just came across a related post on Medium, "Why I’m Coding with Emojis in Jupyter Notebooks".

    snip - Some of you may think this is a sacrilegious idea. I don’t plan to replace all my x, y, z with smiling faces. However, this can be a great feature to add an extra touch to your presentations

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