Join us via Zoom for weekly journal clubs! 

Journal clubs for Summer 2018 are focused on three themes: a) Community College Biology Education Research (BER), b) use of qualitative methods in BER, and c) assessments and measures useful for BER research. Please suggest new readings to explore in these areas by posting the readings to the Journal Club Suggestions collection. The journal club facilitators (Jeff Schinske, Apryl Nenortas, and Lisa Corwin) will select readings from this list for each journal club meeting and move them to the Journal Club Readings Collection

Journal Club Logistics

This semester, journal clubs will be at the following times and dates:

Details about papers/topics will be filled in as the semester progresses. 

This semester journal clubs will take a hybrid format. Some weeks we will read and discuss papers, other weeks we will invite CC Bio INSITES groups to present on their projects and request feedback. If your group is interested in presenting on your work and receiving feedback, please contact Lisa (  

Papers will also be posted in the Journal Club Readings Collection by date. New times and dates will chosen and announced in September.

We look forward to learning more with you through these opportunities to discuss relevant research!