John Doudna

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    Lansing Community College
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    city: Lansing
    region: MI
    country: US
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    I have been a biology instructor at community colleges in Michigan since 2016. I received my BS at a small liberal arts college, Muskingum College, in southeast Ohio, my MS at San Francisco State University, and my PhD in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Iowa State University in 2014. My research background is in the ecology of human disturbances and restoration, including agroecology. My preferred taxa are small mammals, but I have studied insect and bird communities. I also enjoy studying the perceptions, attitudes, and knowledge of students and community members to better understand how society perceives and understands what we as scientist take as established facts. I teach introductory biology and environmental science. In the classroom I strive to create an active learning environment that engages the maximum breadth of students. I seek to broaden student thinking by using activities and labs that are open to interpretation and expect students to think critically and engage in thoughtful dialogue. I am working to bring more data into these activities to enhance student quantitative reasoning and prepare them for a data-intensive career.