Neena Grover

Colorado College

Course Editors


Biochemistry and Molecular Biology

Editor Degrees

  • Ph.D., Biochemistry/Bioinorganic Chemistry, University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
  • M.S., Biophysical Chemistry, University of Illinois, Chicago
  • M.Sc., Chemistry, Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, India

About Teaching and CourseSource

My teaching philosophy involves facilitating learning through careful organization of the material and activities that allow students to connect new information to their prior learning.  By applying the newly learned concepts to real-life problems students’ build their foundational knowledge and begin recognizing the common patterns that drive molecular processes.  Seventeen years of teaching have confirmed my belief that students in our classrooms can perform at higher level on Bloom’s taxonomy if we can model the right approaches to learning, set clear expectations and only grade things that we value. Students’ ability to ask good questions should be nurtured at every stage of learning so that they can integrate and critically evaluate new developments in the field. Students should also be provided with opportunities to use their scientific knowledge to make meaningful contributions to their community.