Leocadia Paliulis

Bucknell University

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Cell Biology

Editor Degrees

  • Ph.D. in Cell Biology from Duke University
  • B.A. in Biology (Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Concentration) from Williams College

About Teaching and CourseSource

I am a Professor of Biology at Bucknell University.  I started studying chromosome movements during cell division when I was an undergraduate, and have continued to do so through my graduate program at Duke University and my postdoc at the University of North Carolina.  I began my commitment to undergraduate education as a SPIRE Postdoctoral Fellow at UNC.  I continued that commitment as a faculty member at Bucknell University.  During my career I have taught undergraduate courses in a range of different areas of cell biology.

I want my students to know, understand, and apply the information they learn, and to be excited about what they are learning.  Beyond that, I want students to be able to think critically.  I want them to understand how to identify and judge the merits of different options.  Facts are an essential foundation for critical thinking, but one cannot stop construction when the foundation is complete.  Thinking critically means making strong, fact-based arguments or hypotheses and testing them.  In every class I teach, my aim is to help students become critical thinkers who can participate constructively in our society, whether it be by using the material we cover in class directly in a research or medical career or by using the information and critical thinking skills they get through my classes in their everyday lives.

I am very happy to join CourseSource, a journal that promotes scientific teaching and critical thinking among faculty and students.