Lecture 1: From Gene to Protein

The CURESUB Lecture Series

Tuesday, November 30th 

Dr. Hirendra N Banerjee

Professor - Natural, Pharmacy and Health Sciences
Director - NIH-MARC Program



This teaching module on transcriptomics will explain to the undergraduate minority students the concept of eukaryotic gene expression, post transcriptional modification including the role of short and long non-coding RNAs and their mechanisms of action. The students will learn about open reading frames and Gene regulation by transcription factors binding to the promoter sequences, role of TATA and Homeo boxes, splicosomes and heterogeneous RNA splicing to messenger RNA synthesis. The importance of non-coding RNAs in various disease processes like cancer will be discussed to engage student interest along with the concept of mRNA vaccines and their protective role in mitigating the current pandemic. This module will have a definite student learning outcome of developing the basic concepts of transcriptomics.

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