Lecture 6 - Multi-OMICS: Potential and Beyond

The CURESUB Lecture Series

Monday August 29th, 2022

12:00 PM Eastern

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Dr. Shivani Soni

University of Southern California, Los AngelesĀ 


Multi-omics also known as pan-omics, integrated omics or trans omics is the combination of two or more omics such as genomics, transcriptomics, microbiome, epigenomics and metabolomics. This platform enhances the potential of data sets obtained from each omics for better understanding of the biological processes and transition from bench to market. The combination of multi-omics and artificial intelligence has led to scientific advancement and transformed basic science and technology into clinical practice. Scientists now have unparalleled opportunities for new gene discovery, understanding their underlying mechanisms, finding potential biomarkers and targets for diseases, and drug discovery. Multi-omics has transformed the health field and taken a center stage in personalized medicine. Though this new platform has provided a myriad of possibilities in genotype to phenotype relationship, enhanced diagnostic methods, and improve disease prognosis but also opened several scientific and ethical challenges. The focus of this discussion will be an overview of the development of multi-omics as the nascent but powerful tool in biological research, complexities associated with its use, its limitations and pitfalls, and steps beyond omics.