For information about the EDSIN-QUBES OEC Initiative for building an open education community around an inclusive biological and environmental data science education, click here.

Drew Hasley Spacer

Image of Drew Hasley

Drew brings a unique perspective concerning inclusion in the context of disability. He has been blind since birth and wants to try to help faculty teach visually impaired students more effectively.

Elizabeth Sudduth Georgia Gwinnett College

Image of Elizabeth Sudduth

Elizabeth teaches biology and environmental science at a public, access, 4-year Minority Serving Institution in suburban Atlanta. She teaches intro classes as well as upper level classes like Ecology and Limnology.

Ellen Bledsoe University of Florida

Image of Ellen Bledsoe

Ellen is a final year PhD student studying community ecology, her current focus is long-term dynamics of desert rodents. Throughout graduate school, her interest in diversity, equity, and inclusion work--particularly in STEM but broadly, as well--has grown.

Kaitlin Stack Whitney Rochester Institute of Technology

Image of Kaitlin Stack Whitney

Kaitlin is a faculty member who is starting a tenure track position in August. She teaches a range of environmental studies and environmental science courses, including one that's ecoinformatics focused for first-year students, as well as classes that look more specifically at the implications of data.

Nate Emery Michigan State University

Image of Nate Emery

Nate is working Faculty Teaching Development and plant ecophysiology. He is excited to move beyond conversations about diversity and inclusion and develop resources/materials/strategies to push forward the field of data science. Nate is also passionate about increased representation in the classroom setting.

Sharon Rivera Tacoma Community College

Image of Sharon Rivera

Sharon is the MESA Program Director (mathematics, engineering, science achievement) and a chemistry instructor. Equity, diversity, access, and opportunity is her every-single-moment-of-every-day job.

EDSIN-QUBES Expert Mentors

Bryan Dewsbury Inclusive Teaching Expert Mentor

Image of Bryan Dewsbury

Dr. Dewsbury has developed a number of teaching approaches and programs relating to social belonging and higher education. He is personally inspired by the possibilities of education as a force for intellectual liberation, and as a means to increase critical consumerism.

Karen Cangialosi Open Education Ecosystem Expert Mentor

Image of Karen Cangiolosi

I am Professor of Biology, Open Education Faculty Fellow and an affiliate member of the Women’s and Gender Studies department at Keene State College. I incorporate Open Pedagogy into my courses because of its great value in revolutionizing teaching and learning, and the ways in which it resonates very clearly with my passion for social justice.

Megan Jones Environmental Data Science Expert Mentor

Image of Megan Jones

Megan A. Jones has always seen a connection between nature, science, and education. She is passionate about sparking curiosity and fostering learning in students of all ages, with her work at NEON focuses on undergraduates, graduate students, and researchers.


Amy Meeker-Taylor OEC Manager, QUBES

Image of Amy Meeker-Taylor

I am an Environmental Educator on the shores of Lake Huron, Michigan's Thumb Coast. My main focus is connecting K-12 students to scientists in the field and exposing them to STEM careers while raising awareness about the Great Lakes. I hold a BS in Zoology from Michigan State University and an MA in Zoology from Miami University (Ohio).

Alycia Crall EDSIN and National Ecological Observatory Network

Image of Alycia Crall

Alycia currently designs and implements strategic planning and evaluation strategies for all community engagement activities led by the National Ecological Observatory Network (NEON). Prior to coming to NEON, Alycia served as the Director of the Virginia Master Naturalist program.

Carrie Diaz Eaton EDSIN and QUBES

Image of Alycia Crall

QUBES Partnerships and Communications, Education Subgroup co-Chair, Society for Mathematical Biology Editorial Board, PRIMUS Associate Professor of Digital and Computational Studies, Bates College