Sensing the Earth Summit

Resources shared for Sensing The Earth: Tribal College Faculty Data Science Experience at Haskell Indian Nations University on Thursday November 17th thru Friday November 18th, 2022. TCU Faculty will gain hands-on experience with LiDAR, accessing local climate and geospatial data, and more and also contribute to strategy sessions to identify pathways for continued faculty training, resources for climate resilience, and revitalizing the Indigenous Peoples’ Climate Change Working Group (IPCCWG) and more. The latest iteration of the Red Bus Charter and inter-institutional resource map and shared framework will be presented with opportunities to build partnerships, along with a share-out useful tools as a takeaway package for TCU partners to share and discuss with their home institutions. 

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EDSIN Reports

This collection includes reports from activities of the EDSIN network.

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CREEDS Workshop Curriculum Modules

This is a collection of the modules that we will be discussing during the CREEDS workshop. You can use this discussion space to share questions / comments / and ideas about the modules.

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CREEDS Pre-Meeting Background Reading

The resources below provide background on concepts central to the CREEDS workshop.

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Community Calls

Notes and recordings from EDSIN's monthly community calls. 

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Documents relevant to joining the EDSIN community of practice. Find your Slack Quick Start Guide and other resources here.

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2019 Conference Proceedings and Presentations

This collection includes the 2019 conference proceedings and a series of online videos for each of the presentations given at the April 2-4, 2019 EDSIN conference. You can also view the full YouTube playlist.

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Other Relevant Resources

Add resources here that do not fit into the existing collections. New collection categories may be identified based on what is shared here.

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Opportunities in the Field

This collection hosts information about relevant professional development opportunities.

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Educational Resources

This collection will provide links to resources that support environmental data science education.

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Organizations and Initiatives

A number of organizations and initiatives currently support diversity, equity, and inclusion across data science, environmental science, and related fields through training, mentoring, and networking opportunities. This collection will provide links and descriptions of those organizations and/or initiatives to increase awareness among our members.

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This collection contains reports and peer-reviewed publications relevant to the EDSIN network. When contributing to this collection, please consider any copyright restrictions and link to documents if you are not allowed to distribute them.  

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