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Pilot Testing the GEA Lessons

  If you are interested in piloting the GEA lessons, please sign up using this form to let us know the days and times you plan to pilot the lessons. Once you have signed up, qualified instructors will be able to access the answer keys and the MS Word and PDF versions of the lessons.

Do you currently teach using BLAST and/or the use genome browsers to understand gene structure and function? Or are you interested in adding bioinformatics and genomics approaches to your curriculum and could use developed exercises that would allow you to do this? Have you wanted to add RNA-Seq analysis to your course, but have not had time to develop the exercises?

The Genomics Education Alliance (GEA) is working to make your job easier. The GEA aims to curate resources and workflows to ensure the sustainability of undergraduate education in bioinformatics and genomics. We would like your help by asking you to pilot our BLAST, Genome Browser, or RNA-Seq modular curriculum and to provide us with feedback on whether these resources are effective in the classroom and help you manage your teaching responsibilities.

  GEA Lessons

Curriculum Materials Developed by Member Organizations

GEA member organizations have developed curriculum materials for genomics and bioinformatics that cover additional topics beyond the GEA lessons: