Welcome to HILT statistics: a project to design High Impact activities that require Little Time to implement in your statistics class!


The HILT Wikispace is your ultimate resource for easily finding High Impact, Little Time activities to improve student learning in your statistics classroom. With a teacher's busy schedule we know finding the time to design and implement strategies to specifically target your students' weaknesses is a challenge. The HILT Wikispace can be your library for quickly finding a brief, easy to use activity that has already been shown to improve student learning in other classrooms.



On our vocabulary pages you'll find a research-based description of common student misconceptions and challenges related to learning concepts related to the word. Additionally, you'll find links to activities designed and already shown through research to successfully address those misconceptions and challenges.

Lexical Ambiguity

Currently, most of our vocabulary and activity choices are designed to address student challenges related to lexical ambiguity. Students enter an introductory statistics classroom with previous knowledge of colloquial definitions of many statistics vocabulary words such as random, skew, and bias. Lexical ambiguity HILT activities are designed to teach statistics vocabulary in a way that specifically targets students' previous knowledge of colloquial definitions and builds them into a correct understanding of the statistical use. Read more about lexical ambiguity HERE.


On the activity pages you'll find an explanation of the activity and files you can download to implement the activity. If research has progressed far enough on that particular activity, you'll even find videos of other teachers using the activity in their classrooms and a summary of student learning gains based on data collected from actual research of activity implementation.

Feel free to adapt any activities to fit your teaching style! Once you do, we encourage you to add your version here as well to continue helping other teachers!