In response to the shift to online classes, a new page "Teaching Quantitative Biology Online" has been launched.  This page includes collections of useful resources, blogs on resources, and a forum discussion for sharing ideas, resources, and requesting information.  We encourage you to check out the group, join to receive updates, and share resources with the community.


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Quantitative Biology at Community Colleges (QB@CC) is a National Science Foundation (NSF) supported project that received funding in 2019. The long-term goal of QB@CC is to drive the disciplinary expectation that all biology courses should significantly enhance student's quantitative skills.  QB@CC does this by providing educational materials and professional development for faculty. The network will generate a large collection of Open Education Resources (OERs) that may be used by anyone, and professional development programming will be designed to address many of the challenges in teaching quantitative skills. Although this network focuses on community college faculty, most of the materials generated will be appropriate for lower level biology courses in four-year institutions.

 If you would like to get involved, begin by joining the group 

QB@CC Leadership Team

QB Leadership Team



Quantitative skills are among the core competencies for career success in biology

 Vision & Change, AAAS & NSF, 2011

Specific Goals of QB@CC 

  1. Building a network of life science and mathematics faculty from community colleges passionate about quantitative biology education.
  2. Providing professional development for this network with in-person meetings and virtual mentoring networks.
  3. Creating a collection of Open Educational Resources (OERs), appropriate for community colleges, that fully integrate quantitative skills in a biological context.
  4. Disseminating these modules throughout the OER webspace and the QB@CC website.