In response to the shift to online classes, a new page "Teaching Quantitative Biology Online" has been launched.  This page includes collections of useful resources, blogs on resources, and a forum discussion for sharing ideas, resources, and requesting information.  We encourage you to check out the group, join to receive updates, and share resources with the community.


These quantitative skill concepts arose from a NIMBioS working group that worked to identify the core quantitative biology skills that community college students need based on surveying community college faculty. 

  1. Understand the relationship between fractions, decimals, ratios & percents
  2. write mathematical equations from a verbal equation
  3. understand rates of change
  4. choose appropriate model to describe a phenomenon
  5. explain descriptive statistics
  6. use statistics when appropriate 
  7. make probability calculations
  8. convert units of measurements
  9. estimate accuracy of answer/calculation 
  10. change scales (order of magnifications, scientific notation, significant digits)
  11. use elementary functions
  12. create graphs
  13. interpret graphs
  14. interpret tables
  15. manipulate equations