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  1. Kevin David Simpson

    Hi all,

    I thought to pass this document along, for anyone interested! The final document is attached to this post.

    It was a great experience and happy to talk more about it if you have questions :)  

    Kevin Simpson


    Math Conference Proceedings:       


                                                                LETTER OF TRANSMITTAL

    Dear Colleague,

    We are pleased to share the Needed Math Conference Proceedings with you. The Conference was held on January 12-15, 2018, in Baltimore. Its purpose was to begin to identify the mathematics competencies needed by entry-level STEM technicians to be successful in the contemporary workplace. The invited Conference participants included mathematics educators and employers and instructors of STEM technicians.

    We hope the Proceedings will stimulate further dialogue among educators, employers, policy makers, parents, students, and other interested stakeholders and will spark efforts to increase the contextual relevance of mathematics education. We believe that teaching mathematics in authentic contexts will provide students with a clearer understanding of the utility and elegance of mathematics. Doing so will enable them to have a firmer basis upon which to build deeper mathematical conceptual and procedural knowledge and to be more successful in school and in the workplace.

    In addition to the Conference Findings and Recommendations. the Proceedings also includes a set of needed math examples provided by employers in the three Conference domains: biotechnology, information and communication technology, and manufacturing technology.

    We would like to acknowledge the support of the National Science Foundation (NSF) to this Conference project, in particular the NSF Advanced Technological Education program (grant # 1737946). We deeply appreciate the committed involvement of the conferees and the expert leadership provided by the employers and educators who served as Steering Committee members.

    We welcome comments and reactions.


    Michael Hacker, Ph.D.

    Hofstra University Center for STEM Research

    Needed Math Principal Investigator


    Paul Horwitz, Ph.D.

    The Concord Consortium

    Needed Math Co-Principal Investigator

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