Reduced DNA Sequencing Costs!


Hello REMNet community.

We are writing with some exciting news РWright Labs, of Huntingdon PA, is offering Illumina 16S sequencing for $50/sample to REMNet community members!!! This is a significant savings over the typical costs for sequencing and it should make it easier for you to undertake microbiome research projects with your undergraduate students. We encourage you to develop your microbiome CUREs now, work with REMNet to get any…



Why should I join the REMNet RCN-UBE?

REMNet is an NSF-funded research coordination network for undergraduate biology education (RCN-UBE) that will build from AREM to create a nationwide community for advancing and supporting course-based microbiome research projects.

Our vision for REMNet is to create a self-sustaining network of practitioners and experts in undergraduate microbiome research who will work to establish community standards for microbiome projects, develop and adapt new resources for use with students in sample collection and data analysis, and to open routes to collaborative research projects and sharing of data and expertise.

The NSF funding allows us to help you financially to join REMNet at national and regional meetings. We can support your travel and registration to meetings and conferences where REMNet committees will discuss how to grow the network.


How do I join?

I already have a QUBESHub account

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I don't have a QUBESHub account yet

Having a QUBESHub account gives you access to a wide range of resources and opportunities to collaborate.

Creating a QUBESHub account is simple and quick. You will be asked for the following information:

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