By asking “Open for whom,” RIOS imagines an Open Education as the radical idea that education should be affordable, accessible, equitable, inclusive, and relevant to everyone regardless of their background.

We envision classrooms which center students as co-constructors of the learning process, in an Open Science ecosystem which democratizes knowledge, tools, and access to information. Inclusive and socially-just science education must be the core framework for investing in tomorrow’s science. Read more about RIOS...

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Get involved in changing the landscape of Social Justice in STEM education through our Learning Communities and Working Groups.

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Discuss the obstacles and successes in your battle of changing systemic education in our community forum. Explore and/or contribute to our resources catalog.

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As we strive to make STEM education more inclusive, equitable and accessible, follow our social media, subscribe to our newsletter and listen to our podcast to stay updated on how we are getting into good trouble.

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Supporting your ideas!

Systemic change takes mass collective action. As we work towards equity and justice in STEM Education, collaborative efforts are essential. The RIOS Institute offers two primary opportunities for this with our Learning Communities and Working Groups.

Learning Communities

Through our learning communities, STEM education and organization leaders are able to improve their skills and knowledge to implement social justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion (SJEDI)-centered Open Education and Open Science pedagogy, materials, and resources

Find out more about our upcoming Learning Communities

Working Groups

Interested in developing an idea that could transform the landscape of STEM education? Our Working Group would be a perfect place for you! These groups drive innovation and generate possible solutions to fix the state of STEM education

Learn more about funding opportunities for Working Groups

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Engage and Explore

Sharing experiences and expertise enables our diverse RIOS community members to create new connections between our collective work and expand our impact. RIOS community members are encouraged to converse and interact through the Forum, share resources in the Collections, and explore current RIOS resources.

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Getting started with Open Education and Social Justice

Frequently asked questions with links to background materials.

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RIOS Resources and Publications

Openly licenced materials published on QUBES.

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Resource collections

Thematically organized and community recommended resources.

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Connect, support, and learn from each other on the forum

Respond to community questions, pose your own questions, and collaborate with RIOS community members

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