Problem Statement 

Despite increasing efforts to improve equity, biology undergraduate students of historically excluded groups (HEGs) continue to graduate at lower rates than their counterparts. Interventions, such as assignments that highlight the work of counterstereotypical biologists, can improve persistence and achievement for HEGs in biology. Integrating quantitative concepts into biology courses can also affect student persistence in undergraduate biology programs. Yet, faculty commonly perceive barriers to implementing evidence-based inclusive teaching practices and incorporating quantitative skills, such as data literacy. Identified barriers include a lack of professional development (PD) and community support. To address these barriers, this project will create multiple PD opportunities within a supportive network of faculty as they generate, disseminate, and train others to use the new BioGraphI modules, which will be available as open educational resources (OER). These modules address data literacy while fostering diversity in undergraduate biology classrooms by framing lessons on graph and data interpretation around the scientific contributions of biologists who are members of HEGs and creating video interviews with these biologists, allowing students to hear directly from HEGs about their discoveries. The network is a mechanism of change for inclusion in biology and improving data literacy. Faculty will gain increased recognition of diverse perspectives in biology and increased confidence in their ability to support a diverse student body. 

To achieve our goals, we will: 

(1) develop network infrastructure, 

(2) create and implement PD for generating BioGraphI modules, 

(3) foster community across the network, 

(4) empower participants to take leadership roles, 

(5) assess impacts on faculty and students, and 

(6) develop long-term network sustainability. 

Our success is enhanced by collaborations with established societies, networks, and initiatives that ensure effective and equitable recruitment. Steering Committee.