Our Community Guidelines

Our Community Guidelines is a living document. What does that mean?

We value everyone’s insights and invite ongoing feedback on our guidelines. Comments and suggestions can be submitted to BioGraphIproject@gmail.com. We will revisit comments and suggestions at every full Steering Committee meeting and no less than once each year. At that time, we will update the Community Guidelines to reflect our changes.

Guidelines for Members

Our Network Members will:

  • Respect and value each other as colleagues and peers. Encourage an open and honest dialogue that fosters creativity without risking privacy. Acknowledge our differences and recognize that they are valuable. Be mindful not to dominate the conversation. Empower others who haven’t spoken to speak.
  • Communicate respectfully by challenging ideas, not people and by approaching disagreement with curiosity, not hostility. When we disagree, we will try not to attack or blame each other.
  • Acknowledge and resolve conflict swiftly. We will share our discomfort openly and respectfully, in the spirit of growing and learning from one another. Accept and offer apologies when we make mistakes.
  • Assume the best of one another. Practice empathy and patience, as we all balance work and home responsibilities with our commitments to this community.
  • Continually strive towards an inclusive, accessible community that’s welcoming to all our identities, acknowledging of our diverse backgrounds, opinions, abilities, skills, interests, and values.

Practices for Members

Our Network Members will:

Use the meeting norms described below during online meetings

  • We will keep our cameras on unless we’re interrupted or dialing in due to technology (or similar) issues. We will mute ourselves if we are not speaking, unless by common consent we decide to all remain unmuted throughout the meeting.
  • If participating as a meeting chair, we will introduce visitors and their roles (such as interpreters or guest speakers) at the beginning of the meeting. We will call on meeting attendees by name who wish to speak.
  • If participating as a meeting attendee, we will use the raise hand feature before speaking. We will also introduce ourselves before speaking, if the meeting chair has not called on or introduced us

Use forum posting and reply norms described below to communicate asynchronously

  • If participating as the original poster (OP), we will sign our name at the end of the post, so email notifications properly attribute the post to us.
  • If replying to the original post or subsequent replies, we will briefly summarize the context in our reply (e.g., refer to specific content in post), so email notifications will include enough of the larger conversation for email recipients to follow the ongoing dialogue. We will sign our name at the end of the reply, so email notifications properly attribute the reply to us.