Serenity now! Keep calm and do science with real data in the classroom

LDC 2019

Bringing modern day data science practices to the biology classroom

Launch Serenity BIRDD Module


Explore how to develop data acumen, which includes concepts such as:

  • Quantitative pillars: Mathematical, computational, and statistical thinking
  • Data life cycle: Data import, management, curation, and analysis
  • Social concepts: Communication, reporting, reproducibility, and ethics
  • Domain-specific knowledge: What does data science in biology look like?

Work with Serenity to:

  • work with real data throughout the data life cycle,
  • answer scientific questions using real data,
  • develop teaching modules for your classroom.


1:30pm Introductions & overview of BioQUEST & QUBES and introductions 

1:45pm Engaging Students with Data (asking questions)

2:15pm Lead into Serenity/Explore and visualize BIRDD data

2:45pm Data Science in Biology/ What will be the impact of data science on biology and in the biology classroom?