Serenity now! Keep calm and do science with real data in the classroom

Welcome to the NABT Session Start Page

Please take this survey after you made a QUBES account and joined this group


  • Articulate how data science and data acumen are relevant to biology education
  • Explore complex data sets through asking questions, thinking with data, and communicating through data visualization.
  • Experience software interfaces that enable student interactions with data and data analysis
  • Discuss pedagogical aspects of engaging in data science in biology

We will be using Radiant and Serenity on QUBESHub so you will need to join the BIRDD Group - [Link here].

15 min. - Introductions to one another, BioQUEST & QUBES

25 min. - Activity 1: A table top activity to engage with data

10 min - Exploring BIRDD data with Radiant [Click the Morphology BIRDD Data below]

15 min. - Activity 2: Exploratory analysis of finch morphology data [On your own!]

5 min. - Wrap-up