Physics CourseSource is coming soon!

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Physics CourseSource is made possible by a generous donation from Carl Wieman. Physics image by geralt on (CC-0).


CourseSource is proud to announce our newest endeavor: Physics CourseSource, an expansion of the journal to include introductory physics teaching resources for undergraduate courses. This is made possible by a gift from one of our Advisory Board members, Carl Wieman, winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics in 2001 and the recent recipient of the Yidan Prize for Education Research

Physics CourseSource will be a parallel publication along with the current Biology CourseSource journal, leveraging the online publishing platform that is already in place. While the Biology CourseSource benefits from clear learning goals curated by the various life science professional societies, the new Physics CourseSource will use broad categories at first and encourage our authors and editors to develop a list of article metadata tags that can both facilitate searching for resources and help readers explore various aspects of the lessons. Both Biology and Physics CourseSource will be exploring opportunities for users to discuss ways they use lessons and to share these modifications with the larger CourseSource community.

The first Editor-in-Chief of Physics CourseSource is Andy Rundquist, a physics professor at Hamline University in Minnesota. Andy was the founding member of the Global Physics Department, and is heavily involved in the New Faculty Workshop for Physics and Astronomy Faculty. He has spent his career finding and supporting ways to nurture physics educators and he believes the CourseSource approach is an excellent way to do that.

We are excited to welcome Physics CourseSource as a part of the CourseSource community, and to work with Andy to continue to grow and inspire new endeavors in undergraduate education teaching resources!