High-throughput Discovery Science & Inquiry-based Case Studies for Today's Students (HITS) network

Join the QUBES HITS Group...

The HITS network is creating novel case studies that use high-throughput datasets and approaches. Faculty and researchers form interdisciplinary teams with the goal of creating educational resources that others can adapt and implement in undergraduate and graduate courses. Join the HITS group on QUBES to (virtually) meet the people involved and see the development of exciting new high-throughput cases.

We encourage you to submit a membership request to join project groups and help create, adapt, and improve the resources created by HITS.

Become a HITS Case Fellow...

The HITS network has the goal of training researchers and educators in data analysis and current trends in high-throughput (HT) experimentation and support the design and implementation of inquiry-based case studies using authentic HT data. Faculty and postdoctoral fellows devoted to the use of case studies and problem-based learning pedagogies can apply to become HITS Case Fellows.

The HITS network will train Case Fellows in the use of case studies using based on HT data by supporting a yearly workshop. The HITS workshop will provide training to Case Fellows so that they can work in groups to create case studies based on HT approaches, authentic 'big' data sets and analysis tools, and integrate them into their classrooms. Fellows will assess their new HT teaching tools across diverse educational settings and institutions, working with other Case Fellows and HT researchers both during the workshop and online using the QUBES hub.

Case Fellows will receive a yearly stipend and support to attend two workshops. For more information, download our flyer.

Faculty and postdoctoral fellows: apply hereĀ to become a HITS Case Fellow (opens in a new window)!

You may download a copy of the survey here (opens in a new window) to review the questions.

Become a HITS HT Researcher

Funding is available for graduate students and postdoctoral fellows using high-throughput approaches in their research to attend the yearly workshop. The HITS workshop will include scientific sessions with invited guest speakers using and developing novel HT approaches. These experts will provide opportunities for you to learn novel HT methods, ways to analyze 'big' data, and collaborate.

The second day of the workshop will include training in the design and evaluation of educational case studies. HT researchers invited to the conference will work with educators in the design and implementation of case studies using HT approaches.

The third day of the HITS workshop will have dedicated time for groups of researchers and faculty teaching courses to work on the design of novel case studies. After the workshop ends, groups will continue to work on their case studies using the QUBES online hub. Groups will then present their results at the next summer workshop on a different campus.

HT researchers selected to be part of the HITS network will receive a stipend and funds to attend the workshops. More information available here.

Graduate students and postdoctoral fellows: apply here to become a HITS HT Researcher (opens in a new window)!

You may download a copy of the survey here (opens in a new window) to review the questions.