Give your group a checkup!

The video on the right is part of the QUBES Support Community for Partner Project’s Give your group a checkup! series, where we are re-examining some fundamental group settings/formatting to ensure they are working well for your project.  In this video, we will... 

  • Show you how to access and manage the group settings for your project site on QUBESHub, including your group’s join policy, community tools, and more.
  • Discuss the types of information that are useful to include on your group’s overview page.
  • Show you how to view your project site as a non-group member. 

Did you miss the other activities in the Give your group a checkup series!?  It's not too late to participate and join the discussion!

What is your project's "personality"?

Take this short quiz to reflect on you project’s goals, priorities, and current state.  Based on your answers, we’ll reveal you project’s “personality type” and offer some suggestions for managing your group settings such as you group’s join policy, privacy settings, and use of community tools.

Does your project have multiple personalities?  Browse through all of the project “personality types” to get a fuller picture of how you can customize your group to meet your needs. 

Does your group site have the most updated format?

Learn about the "New Supergroup Template" and how to get it.

Does your group site have a customized URL?

Learn how to get a customized URL for your project site on QUBES. 


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