Getting Started with Your Group


First Steps

  1. Create your group!
    • You will need a title and a Group ID which will be in the URL
    • Video on group creation
    • Here you can also add a welcome message for folx who join your group
  2. Join this group!
  3. Add pages and use templates
    • No pages are required except the Overview Page
    • Feel free to edit/update as much as you'd like!
    • Add pages to Menu
      • Open page, scroll down to Settings on the right side
      • First time- Category: "Other"
        • Add category "Menu"
        • Change the color if you'd like- will show on your Pages list but not in the group
      • Second Time- Category: "Menu"


  • Add a banner and update your menu headers
    • Suggestion: short titles allow your menu to stay in the green bar
    • If you'd like "Home" in your menu:
      • Create a page called "Home"
      • Add this text into the source:
            <script type="text/javascript">
      • This will require approval, but then you will have this in your menu.


These resources are designed to help you independently manage your own group. When you have questions we recommend that you post questions in the forum space of this group or visit our Partner Office Hours


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