What is a BioQUEST Partner Project?

There are a couple of ways to answer that. Our partner projects include different types of organizations and communities who are trying to get some work done. They are using the QUBESHub infrastructure and connecting with the BioQUEST/QUBES Community by having a "group" within QUBESHub that they can customize and manage to make it easy for their community to communicate, share, and collaborate. 

QUBES was an NSF-funded project which worked to facilitate undergraduate biology education reform. In 2021, the BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium became the official stewards of the hub. Read more about QUBES and BioQUEST.

Some of the Types of Projects Partnering with BioQUEST

Professional Societies

QUBESHub allows professional societies to connect with a vibrant and active community of science educators.  Professional societies can: 

Check out these examples:    

Research Coordination Networks (RCNs)

QUBESHub allows RCNs to nucleate an active network of scientists and educators around their project.  RCNs can:


Check out these examples: 

Curriculum Projects

Whether your project is a new proposal, funded projects, or unfunded collaboration, QUBESHub provides a variety of tools that support collaboration for the development and dissemination of curricular resources.  QUBESHub also provides a public site for projects that is accessible to an active community of users (see Using QUBES to Host a Project Home Page).



Check out these examples: 

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