We are looking for new Working Groups to fund!

The RIOS Institute invites proposals for Working Groups that will function as innovation sandboxes or think tank incubators. Accepted proposals will receive a $2000 budget. Participants will bring new ideas and address challenges as they develop a tangible product aligned with the RIOS mission. We are accepting proposals on a rolling basis. Go here to submit your Working Group proposal.

For more information, see the full call here, or contact…




Two New Publications by the RIOS Leadership Team

This week, we had not one, but two papers published about our mission and work!

"Sustainability and Justice: Challenges and Opportunities for an Open STEM Education" CBE—Life Sciences Education 21.3 (2022): es4

Carrie Diaz Eaton, Kaitlin Bonner, Karen Cangialosi, Bryan Dewsbury, Maggie Diamond-Stanic, Jason Douma, Michelle Smith, Robin Taylor, Jeremy Wojdak, and Krystie Wilfong

Open Education Resources (OER) do more than just reduce financial barriers. OER, and Open Pedagogy more broadly, are an opportunity to incorporate social justice and other aspects of accessibility into every aspect of education. In this publication, the authors (which include many current and former leadership team members!) provide a strong introduction to OER, the communities building it, challenges to sustaining Open Education projects, and key ways we can incorporate social justice principles. In many ways, this is a deeper journey into our mission as an organization!

"Beyond Ethics: Considerations for Centering Equity-Minded Data Science" Journal of Humanistic Mathematics, Volume 12 Issue 2 (July 2022), pages 254-300

Nathan Alexander, Carrie Diaz Eaton, Anelise H. Shrout, Belin Tsinnajinnie & Krystal Tsosie

How do we manage the roles of ethics and equity in data science, especially when teaching the field to students? Through a series of dialogues, this paper thoughtfully breaks down the interactions between student and instructors personal journeys, ethics, cultural background, communities, and impact or harm of data science. This work is the result of one of RIOS' Working Groups from last summer!

We are very thrilled to finally have them out in the world, so please give them a read and share them across the web!

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