We are looking for new Working Groups to fund!

The RIOS Institute invites proposals for Working Groups that will function as innovation sandboxes or think tank incubators. Accepted proposals will receive a $2000 budget. Participants will bring new ideas and address challenges as they develop a tangible product aligned with the RIOS mission. Proposals are due by October 17th 2022. Go here to submit your Working Group proposal.

For more information, see the full call here, or contact Dr.…




Two Opportunities to Learn from RIOS Leadership this Summer!

We are excited to share these two upcoming events. We look forward to see you all there!

"Creating a Socially Just Open Education " @ Open Education Network Summit 2022

Dr. Jasmine Roberts-Crews, RIOS' Communication Fellow, will be addressing what a "socially just open education" means, why it is so important, and how we can begin to work towards that goal.

#OENSUMMIT22 runs from July 25-29th; Dr. Roberts' Crews talk is on July 26th. Registration is free, and open until July 8th. To view the full event schedule and register, see OEN's website here: https://open.umn.edu/oen/summit

"Critical, Socially Just, and Open Pedagogies in STEM" @ Equity Unbound's Mid-Year Festival 2022

This workshop series is co-sponsored by RIOS & Equity Unbound, and led by two of our leadership Dr. Karen Cangialosi & Dr. Bryan Dewsbury! It will explore why and how we can improve STEM students' experiences and learning by transforming curricular materials and teaching practices to be anti-racist, socially-just, learner-centered, and open.

#MYFest22 is open from June-August 2022, with a variety of events within that duration. This workshop will be offered in three sessions, from August 1st to the 3rd. Registration for August costs $100 and includes all of the events in the chosen month, or you can register for the entire festival for $250. Institutional group rates and full (100%) support for those without funding is available by contacting the organizers. To learn more and register, see MYFest22's website here: https://myfest.equityunbound.org/theme-stream/critical-pedagogy/critical-socially-just-pedagogies-in-stem/

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