Two Opportunities to Learn from RIOS Leadership this Summer!

We are excited to share these two upcoming events. We look forward to see you all there!

"Creating a Socially Just Open Education " @ Open Education Network Summit 2022

Dr. Jasmine Roberts-Crews, RIOS' Communication Fellow, will be addressing what a "socially just open education" means, why it is so important, and how we can begin to work towards that goal.

#OENSUMMIT22 runs from July 25-29th; Dr. Roberts' Crews talk is on July 26th. Registration is free, and open until July 8th. To view the full event schedule and register, see OEN's website here:

"Critical, Socially Just, and Open Pedagogies in STEM" @ Equity Unbound's Mid-Year Festival 2022

This workshop series is co-sponsored by RIOS & Equity Unbound, and led by two of our leadership Dr. Karen Cangialosi & Dr. Bryan Dewsbury! It will explore why and how we can improve STEM students' experiences and learning by transforming curricular materials and teaching practices to be anti-racist, socially-just, learner-centered, and open.

#MYFest22 is open from June-August 2022, with a variety of events within that duration. This workshop will be offered in three sessions, from August 1st to the 3rd. Registration for August costs $100 and includes all of the events in the chosen month, or you can register for the entire festival for $250. Institutional group rates and full (100%) support for those without funding is available by contacting the organizers. To learn more and register, see MYFest22's website here:

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