Starter Kit

Materials for teaching modeling with differential equations

SIMIODE offers class materials and support for faculty who want to use modeling to motivate and teach differential equations. Every Modeling Scenario and Technique Narrative in SIMIODE is FREE in the true spirit of OER resources and all materials are offered according to a most generous Creative Commons license for download and customization.

Here we are offering you just some of our many resources which have proven successful in starting your course. For a full, richly searchable listing of all of our OER please Browse SIMIODE OER materials. You can also use our downloadable Course Guide Table of Contents.

An example of a first day project M&M Simulation of Death and Immigration will give you a good idea what to expect from a modeling scenario. This scenario has been used by thousands of students over many years as a first day activity introducing differential equations. After you have looked it over you might take a look at these other choices.

First Day Activities

Modeling Scenarios for Early Topics

Modeling Scenarios for Systems of Differential Equations

Modeling Scenarios for Second Order Differential Equations

Modeling Scenarios Involving Projectile Motion



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