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Third Party Sales:
Resellers, Bookstores, Bulk Purchasers, and Parents

cover of differential equations textbook by Kurt Bryan 

ISBN 978-1-63877-937-7 | over 550 pages | in English

Buy Download Codes or Paperback+Code Bundles Today

Parents or Administrative Staff: Whether you are a parent buying our textbook for your student, or a staff member purchasing the textbook for an instructor in your department, you can purchase a single-use Download Code, or a paperback+code Textbook Bundle and give the code to your student or staff member. The code allows them to download the textbook and makes all future PDF versions available directly to them for free. SIMIODE's Community of Practice contains helpful and supplemental materials such as hints, solutions, and code examples.

If you are purchasing the textbook for someone other than yourself, we strongly encourage you to purchase the Download Code for the stand-alone pdf version, or our new Paperback+PDF Textbook Bundle in the Download Code variant.

Group Purchasers and Resellers: Anyone may take advantage of our standard 20% bulk purchase discount by purchasing 6 or more Download Codes or Textbook Bundles containing the paperback and pdf download code together. Each Code allows for your customer to download the textbook and receive all the benefits of a textbook purchaser. The discount will be reflected in your cart before you checkout. Please contact Kim, our textbook sales coordinator, at textsales-nospam@simiode.org to submit a Purchase Order with shipping address for our Invoice, or if you need assistance placing a bulk order.

Please note the details for bulk purchases:

  1. Textbook Bundles (paperback and pdf purchased together) may not be returned.
  2. Only unused Download Code products may be returned.
  3. If the number of codes returned makes your total purchase drop below 6 copies, the discount will be forfeited.
    For example:
    • You purchase 7 Download Codes for a total price of $218.40. (7×$31.20 = $218.40 which is a discount of 20% or $7.80 off the regular retail price of each book).
    • Later you return 5 unused Download Codes.
    • You will receive a refund for the 5 items less the 20% discount that you received for the bulk purchase on the 2 copies which you kept. In other words, you will receive a refund of 5×$31.20 − 2×$7.80 = $140.40.
  4. As an affordable textbook, we ask that you do not price the textbook higher than our Suggested Retail Price of $39US for the PDF and $79US for the PDF+Paperback Bundle.

Discount Codes, along with instructions on how to use them, will be sent to the email you provide when you checkout. Codes may take up to 72 hours to arrive in your email.

Instructions for how to use the Download Codes: https://qubeshub.org/community/groups/simiode/textbook/redeem-access-code.

Contact Us

Still have questions? Need to send a Purchase Order?  You can pay directly at time of purchase or be invoiced with 30 days net payment. Write our Textbook Coordinator, Kim, at textsales-nospam@simiode.org.