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Modeling Scenario


Author(s): Michael Karls

Ball State University, Muncie IN USA

Keywords: molecular forensics BEER sphere bubble Newton' Second Law Ideal Gas Law drag force Hadamard Stokes mole

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Resource Image The goal of this project is to set up and numerically solve a first-order nonlinear ordinary differential equation (ODE) system of three equations in three unknowns that models beer bubbles that form at the bottom of a glass and rise to the top.


Researchers should cite this work as follows:

Article Context


Read the paper “Quenching a Thirst with Differential Equations” by Martin Ehrismann,  The College Mathematics Journal. 25(5):    413-418.

Outline Ehrismann’s development of a model for bubbles of CO2 in a glass of beer, including missing details (i.e. write down the mathematics, starting with initial assumptions, show how each equation follows from the previous equation, and end with the system of differential equations (3) on page 416 of the paper).


Article Files


Author(s): Michael Karls

Ball State University, Muncie IN USA



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