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Modeling Scenario


Author(s): Laren Bliss

Virginia Military Institute, Lexington VA USA

Keywords: simulation data m&m immigration death

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Resource Image We model exponential death with m&m's as well as death with immigration.


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Here is narrative of first half of scenario: Death Model.State your assumptions about the physical activity. Many times assumptions run into each other, so break the assumptions down to their simplest form (i.e., do not use words like ``and").

All M&Ms will land m up or m down with equal probability Further, (lots of other valid assumptions--the outcome is not affected by the temperature...lots of possibilities)

Offer up a description (in words) of what should happen. Care to make a prediction about what happens in the long run?

Each time we perform an iteration, approximately half of the M&Ms die and half live. Eventually, all M&Ms die off.

Now perform the experiment. In the table below, record what happened.

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Author(s): Laren Bliss

Virginia Military Institute, Lexington VA USA



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