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Modeling Scenario


Author(s): Sania Qureshi

Keywords: water flow Torricelli's Law cone cube

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Resource Image An inverted right circular cone with a hole at the bottom is suspended above an open-topped cube which also has a hole in the center of the bottom. The cone is filled with water and we model water flow from cone to cube and out the bottom of the cone.


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Consider the following configuration. We have an inverted (point down) right circular conical tank, with a top (base) radius R meters and a total height of H meters, filled with water to a height of h meters.

There is a circular hole of radius rC meters at the very bottom of the cone from where water flows out of the cone.

This water falls into an open-topped cubicle tank sitting directly below the cone.

Finally, this cubicle tank also has a circular hole at the center of its base with radius rB meters and water flows out of the bottom cubicle tank.

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Author(s): Sania Qureshi



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