BioQUEST Staff



Kristin Jenkins

Kristin Jenkins, PhD

Executive Director, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

Adam Fagen

Adam P. Fagen, PhD

Associate Director, BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium

Sam Donovan

Sam S. Donovan, PhD

Director of Undergraduate Outreach, BioQUEST

University of Pittsburgh

Stephen Everse

Stephen J. Everse, PhD

BioQUEST ***

Associate Professor of Biochemistry, University of Vermont

Amanda Everse

Amanda Everse

BioQUEST ***

Stacey Kiser

Stacey Kiser

Director of Two Year College Outreach, BioQUEST

Lane Community College

Pat Marsteller

Pat Marsteller, PhD

Past Board Chair, BioQUEST

Professor of Practice in Biology and Associate Dean, Emory University

Hayley Orndorf

Hayley Orndorf

QUBES Project Manager

University of Pittsburgh

Justin Pruneski

Justin Pruneski, PhD

BioQUEST Community Building

Assistant Professor of Biology, Heidelberg University

Deb Rook

Deborah Rook, PhD

QUBES Faculty Mentoring Network Project Manager

Margaret Waterman

Margaret A. Waterman, PhD

Director, K-12 Outreach
Director, Investigative Case based Learning (ICBL)

Professor of Biology, Southeast Missouri State University (retired)


Former staff and volunteers:
  • Joyce Cadwallader, PhD, St. Mary of the Woods College
  • Eloise B. Carter, PhD, Oxford College of Emory University
  • Angelo Collins, PhD, Knowles Science Teaching Foundation
  • Terry L. Derting, Murray State University
  • Roscoe C. Giles, III, PhD, Boston University
  • Louis J. Gross, PhD, University of Tennessee, Knoxville
  • Raquell M. Holmes, PhD, Boston University
  • Claudia M. Neuhauser, PhD, University of Minnesota
  • Sue Risseeuw, BioQUEST Project Coordinator, Beloit College
  • Ethel Stanley, EdD, BioQUEST Director, 1996-2012
  • Daniel Udovic, PhD, University of Oregon
  • Rama Viswanathan, PhD, Beloit College
  • Anton Weisstein, PhD, Truman State University
  • Richard Wilson, PhD, Rockhurst University
  • William Wimsatt, PhD, University of Chicago


Please note: Staff affiliations are as of their service with BioQUEST and may not reflect their current location.