About BioQUEST

Our Mission: A transformative, collaborative community empowering Life Science educators to drive innovation in STEM education.


We are a community of scientists, educators, and learners of all ages who are interested in supporting biology education that reflects realistic scientific practices. BioQUEST has a 30+ year history of educational innovation emphasizing effective uses of inquiry, technology, and participatory models of curriculum development.

The BioQUEST Curriculum Consortium, a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization, actively supports undergraduate biology education through the collaborative development of open curricula in which students pose problems, solve problems, and engage in peer review. 

Our efforts in science education build on our commitment to engaging learners in a full spectrum of biological inquiry from problem posing, to problem solving and peer persuasion. Learn more about this 3P's Approach.

We are involved in a wide range of projects and collaborations with diverse partnerships and audiences. Many of our projects involve coordinating faculty development workshops that focus on strategies for bringing realistic scientific experiences into their classrooms and collaboratively developing curriculum projects.


Excerpts about BioQUEST in Communities of Transformation and Their Work Scaling for STEM Reform (Adrianna Kezar and Sean Gerhke, 2015):

  • “There is a sense at BioQUEST of being on the cutting edge of 
biology, anticipating its future.”
  • “The community is designed to encourage faculty to move out of 
their safety zones.”
  • “BioQUEST [is noted] as having a culture of creativity; the
community does not provide pre-packaged ideas for teaching,
but pushes people to develop their own approaches.”
  • “An important part of this orientation is the idea of openness—making all materials free and available.”
  • “Dissenting voices are encouraged.”


Awards received by BioQUEST and associated projects