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BQ IDEAS Resources Collection

A space for us to collect all our favorite IDEAS resources!

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Black History Month Resource Collection 2023

In honor of Black History Month the BioQUEST team is putting together a collection of resources highlighting contributions from Black scientists, educators, and scholars. February should not be the only month where we honor the important contributions of Black STEM professionals, but we believe that BHM is the perfect time to capture some momentum and share some resources!

Anyone with a QUBESHub account can add to this resource so please share your favorite Black-centered resources here!

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OER for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in STEM Classrooms

This collection was originally published as part of the February 2022 Community Spotlight

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Job Postings

Information about job postings from BioQUEST community members. The collection is open for anyone to add a post, but please ensure you include the full listing or a link/file with all information.

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30 Years of BioQUEST

On Monday, June 6th 2016 BioQUEST celebrated its official birthday. 

Share your memories, pictures, and stories here. If you don't have a QUBES account and would like to share something feel free to email it to sdonovan@pitt.edu and I'll make sure it gets posted. 

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BQCC Recommended Readings

These are the documents that are currently driving the conversation in undergraduate biology education.

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