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Transitioning to the new Supergroup Template

QUBES now offers a new template for supergroups, the group style offered to our Partner Projects. The new template affects the default settings and layout of the group, but the functionality remains the same. If you manage a Partner Project group and would like to be transitioned to the new template, please contact your project's QUBES liaison.

Outlined below is the old template, followed by the changes to note on the new template, and how to manage some of the new features. Note that you need to be a manager in your group to make these changes. 

Previous Supergroup Template

The old template is annotated below. This was the initial template given to all QUBES supergroups. All activated community tools are on the top header. Group pages can be viewed if you hover on "Overview." All pages are automatically displayed here in the hierarchy determined by the page manager. 

annotated old supergroup template

Collapsible Header

The new header has been redesigned in color scheme and functionality. The header now includes the member-specific functions in the black bar (Member, Group Role, Help). Below the black bar is the banner image. After the initial transition to the new template, the banner will be a solid green block. Overlaid on the banner image is the group name and logo. Below the banner image is the green menu bar. Initially, there will be no pages listed on the menu bar; they must be added manually.

banner image

Upon scrolling, the banner image collapses, and the black and green menu bars "stick" to the top of the screen. This allows for constant access to other pages in the group and member functionality while scrolling through pages.

Banner Image

To change the banner image from the default green, find an image with the dimensions 1425 x 150 that will represent your group. Before uploading the image to the group name it "banner.jpg"

To upload, navigate to the group's Settings by clicking the arrow beside Group Manager and clicking Settings. On the right side of the page there is a Group files box. Upload the banner image here, and the banner will update automatically. 





Header Functionality

The new header is now used for page navigation within the group, not for community actions. By default, no pages are listed in the green page menu. Pages must be manually added using the page editor. To manage pages, again, navigate to the Group manager menu and click "Pages."

New pages you create can be added to the menu. Note, the Overview page cannot be added to the menu, because it is the home page, which can be accessed by clicking the group logo or banner image. To add a page to the menu, click on the page. On the right sidebar, under Settings, click the drop down menu under Category. 


The initial time, you will have to create the menu category. To do this, click "Other." For title, write "menu" and choose any color. Then select "menu" as the page category. Now you will be able to select "menu" for other pages you'd like to appear in the menu. 

Sidebar Functionality

The other feature to note about the new template is the expandable sidebar. Just mouse over the sidebar to make it expand. All community features that are turned on in the group will appear here. You can manage which options are turned on and their access permissions through the Settings page. 

Old Template

old template

New Template

new sidebar


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