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View tutorials and read about how to use the numerous features of a HUB. We show you how to add content, customize your dashboard, create groups, and more.

User documentation


Read the manual for managing the content and functionality of a HUB. It progresses step-by-step through various common tasks and familiarizes you with the administrative interface.

Manager documentation


Build your own extensions and discover how to extend or tailor the existing ones to your needs. We try to guide you through the creation steps and provide examples for download.

Developer documentation

Setting Up Your Hub

We've provided a default set of content with a menu of commonly used extensions and pages but there is still some setup and spots needing filled in that we, unfortunately, couldn't do for you.

To-Do List

  • About You

    Here's a page for telling your story and letting your visitors know all about you. You just have to fill in the details!

  • How to Contact

    Sometimes your visitors will need to get ahold of you. We've provided a page to detail contact information to help make that happen."

  • Terms of Use

    Although we provided a generic Terms of Use, it will need some information filled in and further refinement for your hub.


  • Facebook, Google, LinkedIn

    Every hub comes with the ability for users to authenticate with popular services like Facebook, Google, or LinkedIn. Turn one or all of these on with a click of a button!

  • Set up Analytics

    We highly recommend setting up Google Analytics on your hub. Luckily, we provide a module for doing just that.


    While we provide basic image and text CAPTCHAs to help guard against spam bots, we recommend ReCAPTCHA for stronger protection and larger feature set.

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Where to Find Help

We try to make using and configuring a hub a simple, smooth process. Sometimes, however, you may have questions or issues not easily answered by the available documentation. If you need help or support while developing your hub, feel free to contact us.

I have a question!

Have a question on how to do something? If the documentation doesn't seem to be of help, you can try asking the community.

I have an idea!

Think something can be done better or is missing? Post your ideas or feature requests. We'd love to hear from you.

I have an error!

We continually test and refine the code for an error-free experience but, sadly, we can make mistakes. If you found a bug, let us know.