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BioQUEST and the QUBES platform are here to support your STEM education project. Talk with the BioQUEST staff about how you can use our collaborative platform to reach your project goals. We can help your team get organized to develop new resources, share existing materials, and connect with a broader teaching community.

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Community Building

QUBES is a collaborative communications platform, managed by BioQUEST, that is designed to help distributed teams stay connected and share their work with others. The setup of the group spaces is very flexible making it easy to customize how information is shared and who can join the group. From small private groups that just need a place to organize their communications to large communities that encourage diverse types of contributions, the QUBES platform can be tuned to help your community get launched quickly and grow when you are ready.

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Run a Faculty Mentoring Network

If you have great teaching resources, a Faculty Mentoring Network could be a way to disseminate your work, get faculty feedback, and even student assessment data from a diverse set of classrooms. 

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Run a Workshop

Need help with a virtual or in person workshop to provide professional development around your project? Let BioQUEST staff show you how to use the QUBES platform to share schedules, updates, and resources for your meeting. BioQUEST staff can help you leverage the QUBES platform to facilitate pre- and post-workshop community interactions and make the most of your face to face time.

Curate Your Own Resources

BioQUEST staff can help you design an effective website to share your project. Our Open Educational Resource Library can be customized based on your project needs. Empower your community by helping them adapt your resources and get credit for their work. Tracking the use and impact of your resources is built in to provide you with feedback.


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If you are interested in any of our services, or have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us!

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