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Faculty Mentoring Networks

If you are looking for an opportunity to work with your peers, work with good life sciences teaching resources, and learn effective pedagogical approaches, consider participating in a Faculty Mentoring Network. FMNs are designed to accommodate your busy schedule while providing meaningful interactions with colleagues and mentors to help you make changes in your classroom.

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Workshops and Meetings

Are you hosting a workshop or a meeting? Did you get an RCN and need a home base for the community? Let BioQUEST staff show you how to use the QUBES platform to share schedules, updates, and resources for your meeting. Wondering how to get the most out of your in-person meeting? BioQUEST staff can help you leverage the QUBES platform to facilitate pre- and post-workshop community interactions and make the most of your face to face time.



It is easy to set up a private classroom space on QUBES where your students can access assignments, share resources, and interact with each other. The most common classroom use of QUBES is to give students access to tools running on our servers. With the click of a link students can launch their own session through their browser, opening the software and data you have assigned without downloading anything.

Collaborative Publishing

The QUBES team built a system for teachers to share and access open educational resources through QUBES. Better still, the system makes it easy to share updated versions of your materials as you refine them. Because they are published with a "share alike" license, others can adapt your resources for use in their own teaching setting and make them available to the community. Automatic attribution and usage metrics provide you with information about the impact of your work.

Project Websites

Building an attractive, navigable website and attracting an audience can use a lot of a project’s time and resources. Instead of starting from scratch, consider using the QUBES platform as a project platform. BioQUEST staff can help you design an effective website to share your project. The Support Community for Partner Projects group hosts a variety of guides to help you reach your goals. Join the group to receive the latest updates!

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Private Working Groups

Need a place to meet with a group of collaborators online? A place that makes scheduling, group communication, file sharing and managing team dynamics easier? Stake your claim on a little corner of QUBES to jumpstart your private group collaboration.