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Resource of the Week

Author(s): Serghei Mangul

This resource contains materials to implement a multi-day workshop focused on helping students get oriented to the UNIX command line. This workshop will cover the basic concepts of UNIX operating system and shell scripting. The workshop provides hands on skills to confidently use the command line interface on either a local or remote computer running Unix system.

Author(s): Kellen Calinger

In this lab module, students work with large datasets to evaluate long-term temperature change and its impacts on flowering phenology, pollinator emergence and arrival phenology, and emergent trophic mismatches. Students address questions such as: Have long-term temperatures changed throughout Ohio? How will these temperature changes impact plant and animal phenology, ecological interactions, and, as a result, species diversity?

Author(s): Ricardo Cortez, Cynthia Anhalt, Susan Staats, and Marta Civil

Using knowledge of functions and the properties of their graphs, students have an opportunity to propose functions, including an appropriate domain, that meet conditions that are inferred from the photographs of fences and gates in their neighborhood.

Author(s): Jessica Joyner, J. Phil Gibson, and Anna Petrovicheva

Demonstrating predator-prey dynamics rarely fit the timeline of a lecture course or the scope of student experiences. This lab explores food chain dynamics in a microcosm of a simplified ecosystem with a primary producer and a grazer.