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BioQUEST has a long history of supporting transformative STEM education projects. By using the QUBES platform, your project will benefit from a close association with an active community of education reformers.
QUBESHub is a fantastic platform for open educational resources projects as it makes disseminating and customizing project materials quick and painless. Its collection of team-based tools are a great way to keep the members of a project connected and productive. ~ Mark Pauley, NIBLSE RCN
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Build and Grow Community Around Your Project

Coordinating distributed projects requires an integrated suite of communication and collaboration tools. The QUBES platform makes it easy to create an online home for your community that is much more than a website.

Be discoverable on the web, with increased visibility to the many educational projects on QUBES.

Utilize integrated collaboration tools to work together and stay connected.

You can use the QUBES platform to host online conferences and workshops. BioQUEST staff can help you with strategies and tools that promote effective online engagement before, during, and after an event.

Tap into the BioQUEST Community

Leverage our extensive network of educational projects to increase your visibility or form collaborations

QUBES provides a resource sharing platform, links to a ready-made audience, and profile/recognition that would be hard to replicate independently. ~ QUBES Partner
QUBES has connected us to numerous helpful collaborators in the field, leading to new projects. ~ QUBES Partner

Integrated Tools That Support Dissemination, Evaluation, and Sustainability

Personalized Support

Don't go at it alone. BioQUEST staff work with you to make the most of the QUBES infrastructure and services

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We have expertise in leveraging the technological aspects of QUBES to meet your goals, but also the social engineering aspects to get your community on board too.

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Supporting you in supporting your community

Templates, help files, and documentation to help you help your community stay engaged.

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Customize your space

Additional design services can ensure that your space matches your community needs and style.

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Customized URL

Make it easy for your community to find you with a customizable URL.

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