Meet the QUBES Postdocs

As part of its mission to improve quantitative undergraduate biology teaching, QUBES provides a unique postdoctoral opportunity at the interface of quantitative biology, discipline based education research, and undergraduate teaching. Postdocs are based at one of the QUBES PI institutions, but work with the entire team of QUBES faculty and postdocs on a diverse array of projects.

As part of their work, QUBES postdocs:

  • Contribute to development, logistical planning, and implementation of faculty mentoring networks (FMNs )
  • Coordinate with QUBES partner organizations
  • Develop and implement in-person workshops centered on teaching materials, as complements to online faculty mentoring networks
  • Assess outcomes of faculty mentoring networks 
  • Mentor undergraduate students on the QUBES project 
  • Teach undergraduate biology courses at their local institution

New Postdoctoral Positions!

QUBES is currently accepting applications for a Postdoctoral Researcher in Quantitative Biology Education, at Radford University. Here is a position announcement with more details. Apply Now!

Other postdoctoral positions are expected to be announced this spring.