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Our OER philosophy

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Elevating student performance through OER

  • Improve student performance: Studies have shown that use of OER can improve student performance. Removing the paywall to course materials can reduce anxiety, give access to materials to students who may not have been able to afford it, and instructors can use OER supplemental material without worry of either they or the student having to front additional costs.

  • Increase equity in the classroom: The cost of textbooks have increased exponentially throughout the years. By utilizing OER, students have equal access to materials. Students who have more financial burdens no longer feel the additional stress of having to purchase course materials.

  • Cutting edge resources: QUBES hosts a variety of freshly developed materials that can be adapted to fit your classroom. New resources are added everyday and cover many topics throughout quantitative biology.

Be part of the OER community

Sharing your resources, adaptations, or comments on QUBES can have a big impact on the OER community. Often times, instructors are intimidated by not having a “complete product” or by not having “anything new.” But the reality is that any kind of participation of OER - whether it is by submitting a new resource, submitting an adapted resource, or simply leaving a comment on a resource you’ve use is more valuable then you realize.

Be part of the QUBES Mission

QUBES believes in providing state of the art resources to improve quantitative biology with a focus on equity and inclusion in the classroom. We believe in harnassing the power of community to not only create, incubate ideas, but improve or provide feedback which in turn, improves resources for all educators.

Spruce up your tenure packet

Participating in OER looks good on your tenture packet! QUBES provides easy to access metrics such as:

  • Digital Object Identifier: The QUBES Resource System automatically assigns a DOI to all submitted resources. This DOI can be used to track how your resource is being used.
  • Usage Metrics: Measure the use of your resources with number of views, downloads, and adaptations.
  • Interaction: QUBES makes it easy to interact with users and provides instant feedback.
Broaden the impacts of your project

There are many educational projects in our network which utilize the QUBES community to further broaden the impacts of their projects. Our Faculty Mentoring Networks (FMNs) program provides projets an opportunity to test out their materials on faculty who implement these resources in their classrooms - providing valuable realtime feedback.

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MMHub Resource

MMHub specific resource utilizing their guidelines and/or curation pipeline

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Submitting through a project

Submitting from a project is the way to go when working on a team or plan on multiple resources