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This is a natural/artificial selection model that shows the result of two competing forces on natural selection of the speed of prey. Which force dominates depends on the behavior of predators.

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Ellen Wisner onto Tree of Life: Mechanisms

Tree of Life: Mechanisms

This is a place to contribute resources, tools, and assessments that address the following learning outcomes under the broad theme of mechanisms of evolution.  

Students are able to:

1. Demonstrate how morphological evolution results from a subset of molecular evolution

2. Compare and contrast the likelihood of phenotypic and genotypic convergence

3. Demonstrate how evolutionary changes are constrained by existing genotypic and phenotypic variation.

4. Recognize that evolution occurs in an environment that varies over space and time.

5. Evaluate the relative importance of abiotic versus biotic factors on selection

6. Recognize and compare multiple evolutionary solutions to similar environmental challenges

This is part of the Tree of Life working group.  Click here to read about our general goals and framework.

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Arietta Fleming-Davies