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Ellen Wisner created this post

Instructions for contributing to this collection

We encourage everyone to submit items for this collection.  Please use the table above to determine how to categorize and tag your item. 

In addition, please tag which learning outcome(s) your item addresses, and include the tag Speciation.

EXAMPLE: If you are posting a tool that addresses learning outcomes 1 & 2 you would include the following tags:   Tools, LO2.1, LO2.2, Speciation.

*Please use this format when tagging as it will make the collection easier to search.

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Ellen Wisner onto Tree of Life: Speciation

Tree of Life: Speciation

This is a place to contribute resources, tools, and assessments that address the following learning outcomes under the broad theme of speciation.

Students are able to:

1. Illustrate how divergence in phenotype may lead to reproductive isolation

2. Recognize that species are dynamic entities, and compare the theoretical and practical uses of multiple species concepts

3. Interpret visual representations of speciation events

This is part of the Tree of Life working group.  Click here to read about our general goals and framework.


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Arietta Fleming-Davies