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Ellen Wisner created this post

The evolution of flight in birds

This module examines evidence from the fossil record, behavior, biomechanics and cladistic analysis to interpret the sequence of events that led to flight in the dinosaur lineage. The module concentrates on the process of science - how we know what we know.

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Ellen Wisner onto Tree of Life: Biodiversity

Tree of Life: Biodiversity

This is a place to contribute resources, tools, and assessments that address the following learning outcomes under the broad theme of biodiversity.

Students are able to:

1. Describe the molecular and structural unity of life

2. Explain the role of endosymbiosis and horizontal gene transfer in the origins of the major lineages.

3. Justify why biodiversity is important to humans.

4. Compare the general characteristics of major lineages in evolutionary history

5. Summarize the role of extinction in shaping patterns of biodiversity

This is part of the Tree of Life working group. Click here to read about our general goals and framework.

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Arietta Fleming-Davies