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Diversity of ageing across the tree of life

I stumbled across this paper when looking for survivorship information on different species and it has be a great teaching resource. Mostly I use the subplots of Figure 1 (partially reproduced here) which has a whole bunch of graphs of relative mortality and fertility as a function of age for a wide range of taxa. 

Full Citation: Jones, O. R., Scheuerlein, A., Salguero-Gómez, R., Camarda, C. G., Schaible, R., Casper, B. B., ... & Vaupel, J. W. (2014). Diversity of ageing across the tree of life. Nature, 505(7482), 169-173.

When you go to the Nature site for this paper be sure to check out the "related audio" which has a nice discussion with the authors about the paper. 

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